My Very Own Santa's Workshop - Activity Sey

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Item number: ActSet-SntWrkshp

My Very Own Santa's Workshop - Activity Sey

Young children will love to play with the 16 piece floor puzzle and move the wooden and cardboard figurine pieces around the puzzle images.

Parents will enjoy reading the board book to the children as their imaginations run wild while hoping Santa Claus will visit them during the holiday season. This is the perfect gift for a young child at Christmas.

The kit is complete with a 12 page board book that parents will love to read to their child. The large floor puzzle will allow the child's imagination to run wild as they set up a workshop for Santa and his elves.

Lastly, there are both wooden play pieces as well as cardboard figurines to play with inside the workshop.

Size: 9.91" l x 8.03" w x 1.83" h

Ages: 3-6 years