Spotlight on a Super Special, Creative Kid!

Meet Aidan Chapman, an 8 year-old entrepreneur who specializes in creating fidget friendly gadgets for kids!  This artistic kiddo uses his experiences & special insights as a child with autism to bring joy & happiness to those around him!  Each item is specially made by Aidan & he loves the challenge of creating custom gifts!

Here's what Aidan has to say about himself:

Aidan's mom & dad support Aidan in finding intuitive & innovative ways of developing a variety of creative skills through utilizing strategies which help him maximize his success as a child with autism.  Like Maestra Casiano, Aidan's mom is a school teacher who finds meaningful ways of supporting chidren in celebrating their unique talents, gifts, & skillsets.  Support a young entrepreneur and add a touch of joy to your day!

Here are some examples of Aidan's Creations:

Aidan's Beautiful Creations, LLC is not a part of Learning Made Fun With Maestra.  

Maestra Casiano has asked the Chapman Family for permission to feature this amazing young man in the online shop to celebrate his creativity and to spread the word about his custom creations!  

Maestra Casiano strives to foster a love of learning in all kids.  Aidan's creations can serve as tools to do just that!  Fidget toys and accessories can be very helpful for kids who struggle with focusing, have the urge to fidget, or just really like neat things!  

Please contact the Chapman Family directly for any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have regarding obtaining one of Aidan's Beautiful Creations for someone you love!  You can email the Chapman Family about Aidan's creations by calling 1-734-507-0020 or by emailing