Daily Activity Ideas for December

Monthly activities' calendar in English:

Los atividades del mes en español:

Monthly Theme

November is Indigenous Culture Awareness Month

Recommended Reading

Holidays in December


begins December 7th this year


celebrated on December 25th each year


begins on December 26th each year

Music & Dance

Arts & Crafts

Career Exploration

                          Culinary Creations

S.T.E.A.M. Exploration

Family Fun Night Suggestion

Build a Gingerbread House together

What's more fun than arts & crafts?  Making a work of art that you can eat!  

Have a family fun night working together to design, build, & decorate a Gingerbread House (or Oreo or Nestle Cookie Cottage) together. For added fun, split into teams to build different cookie houses then enjoy sharing them in a taste test!  

Be sure to send Maestra Casiano some pictures! You might be featured on the site & win a gift certificate!

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