Daily Activity Ideas for November

Monthly activities' calendar in English:

Los atividades del mes en español:

Monthly Theme

November is Indigenous Culture Awareness Month

Recommended Reading

Holidays in November


celebrated on November 1st & 2nd


celebrated on the fourth Thursday

Music & Dance

Arts & Crafts

                                   Career Exploration

                                      Culinary Creations

S.T.E.A.M. Exploration

Family Fun Night Suggestion

Build a Gingerbread House together

What's more fun than arts & crafts?  Making a work of art that you can eat!  

Have a family fun night working together to design, build, & decorate a Gingerbread House (or Oreo or Nestle Cookie Cottage) together. For added fun, split into teams to build different cookie houses then enjoy sharing them in a taste test!  

Be sure to send Maestra Casiano some pictures! You might be featured on the site & win a gift certificate!

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