Daily Activity Ideas for October

Monthly activities' calendar in English:

Los atividades del mes en español:

Holidays in October


celebrated on the second Monday


celebrated on October 31st

Music & Dance

Arts & Crafts

Career Exploration

Culinary Creations

S.T.E.A.M. Exploration

Family Fun Night Suggestion

Balderdash Game

October 16th is Daniel Webster's birthday; so we celebrate hos legacy of the dictionary this month!

Have a famy fun night playing Balderdash - a hilarious game about definitions, creativity, & bluffing! Learn more about the game or order here:

Monthly Theme

October is Fire Prevention & Safety Awareness Month

Firefighter in Training - Activity Book for exploring a career in firefighting.

Learn how to become and fire fighter in this exciting title!

Packed with bitesize information and fun facts, Fire Fighter in Training will tell you all about first aid, fighting fires, rescuing people from difficult places and much more!

Simple activities will test your skills and reinforce the information you read in the book. Can you help to put out a fire? Or know what to do if a person is trapped up high? Or even perform first aid when people need help? Look inside to find out!

Ages: 5-10 years


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