The Recycling Project Craft Books

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Item number: Bk-TRP-IAN-TPR

Take your craft projects to a whole new level with this ingenious series that turns recycling into an art form!

Imaginations will soar as kids take a plain old toilet paper roll and turn it into a unicorn, pirate, treasure chest, ninja, space rocket, or castle; transform an old sock into a hand puppet, octopus, rabbit, or more; bring new life to an egg carton as they make it into a fire engine, or penguin family, or some other wacky creation; create dioramas or televisions from old cereal boxes --- so many fun ideas to demonstrate how reusing, repurposing, & recycling can be fun!

The projects in these books are amazing fun for girls and boys. Each craft comes with photographic step-by-step instructions and can be completed within an hour. The picture-book style narrative is full of humor and personality, with gorgeously illustrated scenes that show off your creations in style.

There is something fun for everyone in the family! These books help develop S.T.E.A.M. skills on a budget while fostering creativity, imagination, & the broadening of perspectives!

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