Shakespeare Classics - Adapted books for kids (ages 8-12 years)

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A Shakespeare classic tale retold for young minds? Brilliant! You can own 20 stories by our favorite playwright, William Shakespeare - an excellent way to introduce young readers to these classic.

These beautifully illustrated books have been thoughtfully narrated and simplified for an easy read.

Children will love these and they are designed to captivate them and help develop their reading skills. Titles Available:

•The Winters Tale

•Alls Well That Ends Well

•Antony and Cleopatra

•As You Like It

•The Comedy of Errors

•Cymbeline King of Britain

•Julius Caesar

•King Lear

•A Midsummer Nights Dream

•Much Ado About Nothing

•Othello The Moor of Venice

•Romeo and Juliet

•The Merchant of Venice

•The Tragedy of Macbeth

•The Two Gentlemen of Verona

•Timon of Athens

•Twelfth Night

•Hamlet Prince of Denmark

•The Tempest

•The Taming of the Shrew