Quick History Books for Kids (8-14 years)

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Quick History Books for Kids (Clive Gifford...)

These books simplify concepts so your child get a quick read on history. Enjoy a quick read on history with the quick history book series full of fun & interesting facts for kids (or anyone who wants to brush up on history!)

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A Quick History of Politics:

How did ancient people make decisions? How do the people in power stay in power? Why did Karl Marx have to go without trousers? A Quick History of Politics answers these questions and more, taking a ride through time from plutocrats to people power.
What do you think of when you hear "politics?" Is it grey-haired men in suits, shouting at each other in a weird room? Well, you’re partly right… but there’s also a whole lot of crazy stories and weird history in the political world. A Quick History of Politics takes a look at the silly side of government, big and small, throughout the ages, and also explains the important stuff, like suffrage, elections and getting your voice heard.

A Quick History of the Universe:

Strap in for a rip-roaring ride through the history of the universe, starting with the Big Bang, and bringing us right up to present day.

What was the universe like when it was a few seconds old? How had it changed by its millionth birthday? And
when did time even start, for that matter?!

The story of the last 13.8 billion years in one handy volume, you can read about the
start of stars, the growth of galaxies and the production of planets. Plus, there are some great dad jokes. Hold on tight...

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Ages 8-14 years