A Tummy Full Of Secrets (hardcover book)

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Item number: HC-TumSecs

A warm, reassuring, story about a girl who discovers what can happen when you don't share your secrets.  For children aged 5 and up.

Moira can be a bit clumsy from time to time, and a little bit naughty as well.  When she accidentally pulls a hole in her tights, she's afraid to tell Mommy.  She hides the secret in her belly. 

Because her tummy feels funny later on, she throws her pear in the bin and decides to keep that a secret too.  In the afternoon something unpleasant happens to Mommy's wedding dress.  She really can't talk about that. 

At dinner she can't swallow her food:  there's just no room.  Moira's tummy is filled with secrets.  What an awful feeling.  Maybe it's better to share her secrets with Mommy and Daddy after all.  

List price: $15.95

Educational Value: Children need to find healthy & mindful ways to identify, recognize, & talk about their feeling. Research shows that children who struggle with social-emotional wellness often struggle with intellectual, physical, and other aspects of who they are and who they are becoming. Finding age appropriate & relatable resources to promote social-emotional wellness help children to develop healthy habits & mindfulness.  In turn, children become more self-aware, learn to empathize, demonstrate tolerance, & experience more whole-child growth.