STEAM Stories - Visiting the Orchestra - a board book for toddlers introducing vocabulary of musical art

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Item number: BB-VisOrch

An edu-taining new series that introduces simple science, technology, engineering, art, and math words in an engaging, rhyming story.

With bright, energetic illustrations, and simple, rhyming text, "Visiting the Orchestra" follows Emma and John as they visit an orchestra during practice. They hold their ears as the musicians tune their instruments, watch in awe as the conductor takes her place at the head of the orchestra, and listen as each instrument gets a chance to play . . . culminating in a tap of the baton . . .
What’s that sound everyone hears?
The most lovely melody fills the hall. 
And it’s music to our ears!

Written with preschool curriculum vocabulary words in mind, each page features one or more art/music term, all of which are defined on the last spread.

Maestra's Memo: Developing a rich vocabulary is one of the best predictors of academic success for young learners.  Children need to be exposed to a variety of vocabulary words in applicable contexts from a very young age.   This book provides fun-tastic exposure to words used in the performing & musical arts including instruments. For added fun, try creating musical sounds & instruments using items found around the  house!