Lion King Pretend Play Bundle

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Item number: Bun-LK2

Make the most of reading time with this high interest Lion King Pretend Play Bundle!  Read the story. Then complete some pages in the coloring/activity book while you talk about what happened in the story. For extra excitement, your child can reenact his or her favorite parts of the story or create new adventurs while wearing the simple Simba mask!

Maestra's Memo: Pretend play & story retell are great ways to demonstrate comprehension.  Ask your child to reenact the story in the order events happened in the book. Then discuss what may have happened if an event didn't happen the way it did in the book. How might that have changed the story?   

Note: Actual Lion King coloring/activity book shipped may vary from that shown due to available stock. Message Maestra Casiano with questions or concerns.