Book: 513 Weird Facts That Every Kid Should Know

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Prepare to be blown away by this book of weird and wonderful facts which will introduce young readers to the astounding world of science, space, animals and the human body. Curious minds will be excited by the interesting things they learn!

• To start with, readers can learn more about how our world works - from why people on the other side of the world don't fall off to what causes ocean waves, and whether you can bang in a nail with a banana.

• Staying in the natural world, it's time to meet the beasts! Delve into the wild and wacky kingdom of animals and discover how much poop a black rhino produces every day, how to hypnotize a chicken, and which creature loves stinky feet.

• Humans are up next, in all their gory glory. Learn more about our brains, bones, muscles, heart, and much more. Find out why your tummy rumbles when you're hungry, how fast air moves when you sneeze, and whether you can taste with your nose.

• Finally, it's time to blast off into a whole universe of mind-blowing wonders as you explore the far reaches of the Universe. From space spiders and moon landings to black holes and aliens, prepare to be astounded by all things intergalactic-the facts are out of this world!

This unique and entertaining fact book is a great way to spark a child's natural curiosity about science and the natural world. The facts are accompanied by hilarious illustrations and are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Ideal for readers aged 7+


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