Puzzles - 48 piece jigsaw puzzles (ages 5-7 yrs) - various characters

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Item number: Puz-JS-48

Puzzles are great ways to help children develop a variety of life skills. Kids can practice hand-eye coordination; develop dexterity; practice spatial relation & shape recognition skills; build focus, concentration & stamina; and allow children to experience the power of tenacity and the success of persevering.

These jigsaw puzzles feature glossy images on simple, pressed cardboard pieces.  Each puzzle contains 48 pieces. Images may vary from those shown based on available stock. Message Maestra Casiano for details or queries.

Ages: 5-7 years

Maestra's Memo: To make clean up easy & fun, use a different colored crayon to make a circle or squiggle on the back of all pieces of tge same puzzle.  This will help keep puzzles from accidentally gaining or losing pieces & facilitates quick sorting (e.g. Puzzle A has red circles on the back of the pieces; Puzzle B has blue stars; etc.)


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