Origami Kit for Beginners

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Origami Kit for Beginners

Explore the Japanese art of paper-folding, origami.  Each kit comes in its own new, unused, unopened, original package. The kit contains all you need to begin learning this art.

Each origami kit includes a 55 page instructional guide/booklet for projects ranging in complexity from simple to advanced. The booklet shows step-by-step instructions with diagrams so that even beginners or lower proficiency readers can follow along. The instructions are enhanced by the patterned origami paper that makes it easier for the participant to anticipate the expected outcome.

The kit includes 108 double sided sheets of vividly colored origami folding paper featuring 54 different patterns. The manufacturer of the kit advertises high-quality materials which are eco-friendly, odor-free, safe for kids. The paper is durable to resist tearing but also easy to fold & hold the creases well. 

This origami kit makes a great gift for inspiring artistic intelligence and creativity.  Anyone who loves using their hands and enjoys being creative will love this kit as a birthday present, holiday gift, school prize, or an anyday-funday reward for a job well done.

Sheet Size: 5.5 x 5.5 inches 

Ages: 6 years & up


Educational Value:  Origami is a fun-tastic skill which helps participants build mental stamina, develop hand-eye coordination, practice concentration, improve focus in completing multiple steps, and inspire creativity. The art can be enjoyed by all family members. Kids of all ages will love feeling accomplished as they create adorable animals, plants, and other things simply by folding paper!

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