Celestial Tarot Cards

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Item number: CG-Tar-Celst

Celestial Tarot Cards

Designed to help you navigate the unknown, tarot reading is a fun & imaginative activity for gaining insight into your life. This deck comes with the standard major & minor arcana done in lovely illustrations.

Whether you’re looking to entertain friends or tap into your intuition & wisdom to delve deeper into the past, present, and future, this deck provides everything you need for a standard tarot reading.

Crafted with distinctive illustrations, this deck lets you explore the ancient art of tarot reading with a personal style. Enjoy the unique artwork as you delve deeper into hidden meanings & potential paths.

These large cards are easy-to-read with delightful illustrations. The deck features the standard 22 major arcana and 56 lesser arcana.

Each order includes one deck of new, unused tarot cards in their original, unopened package.