Twelve Days Of Christmas - California book

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Twelve Days Of Christmas - California book by Laura Rader

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas in California! Ready to greet you are 12 redwoods swaying, 11 cable cars clanging, 10 sea lions barking, 9 mountains rising . . . and much more from the Golden State. Teri is so excited about her cousin Brad's visit to California that she gives him one of these very unusual gifts on each of the twelve days of Christmas, and Brad writes lively letters home to tell his mom and dad all about his trip. Lucky readers are in for a wild Christmas countdown!

Format: Hardcover book

Page Count: 40

Size: 8.84" l x 8.73" w x 0.45" h

Ages: 3 to 5

Format: Board book

Size: 7.03" l x 6.98" w x 0.44" h