The Snow Leopard's New Friend book

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The Snow Leopard's New Friend book by Michael Buckley

The fabulous animals of the Tibetan plateau are unique in many ways. So is this book!

The Snow Leopard's New Friend is a grand introduction to the charismatic wildlife that has found ingenious ways to survive in this extreme high-altitude terrain-from the highly elusive Snow Leopard to the majestic Black-Necked Crane.

Featured are ten animal tales, with another dozen cameos by other species, along with resource material for students of all ages who want to learn more and take action to protect these new friends.

Along the way, you will be drawn into the mesmerizing landscapes of the region-and drawn into the stark problems these lands face, from climate chaos to mining, deforestation and damming.

Tibet expert Michael Buckley draws on his deep background writing about Tibet to portray these wonderful animals-with illustrations and photographs from a variety of contributors that bring them to life on the page.

Written for kids 8 and up, this book can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Contents include ten illustrated animal tales, photo-profile of each animal with educational background information, and a resource section with discussion questions and more.

Bronze medal winner in the 2022 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, under the category of Environmental Issues