Card Game - Go Fish (vocabulary building)

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Card Game - Go Fish

Grab a kid's card game & make family game night extra fun! Each deck of cards is a classic game you & the kiddos will love.

Includes 1 deck of cards

Maestra's Memo:  This version of Go Fish, will help children to develop vocabulary & development strategies. For extra vocabulary practice, use descriptions when asking for the animal.  For example, "Do you have an animal with 8 arms (octopus)?"

Educational Value of Card Games: Card games can help children to develop a multitude of strategies & skills; allow for practice of problem solving skills; develop reading abilities; foster critical thinking strategy development; and more! Playing card games can help children with social-emotional growth, too.  Players learn how to follow directions, take turns, be good sports, & build self-esteem, too!

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