Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” - Fine Art Puzzle by Mindbogglers™ (500 Pieces)

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Van Gogh's “Starry Night” - Fine Art Puzzle by Mindbogglers™ (500 Pieces)

Puzzle people can assemble a true masterpiece with "Starry Night" - a Mindbogglers Gold: Fine Art Puzzle. With 500 pieces, it's just the right balance of challenge & fun.  Make your eyes happy as you complete a famous Van Gogh work of Impressionist art!

Order includes one boxed jigsaw puzzle

Ages: 12+

Educational Value:  Puzzles are great ways to help children develop a variety of life skills. Kids can practice hand-eye coordination; develop dexterity; practice spatial relation & shape recognition skills; build focus, concentration & stamina; and allow children to experience the power of tenacity and the success of persevering.

Maestra's Memo: To make clean up easy & fun, use a different colored crayon to make a circle or squiggle on the back of all pieces of tge same puzzle.  This will help keep puzzles from accidentally gaining or losing pieces & facilitates quick sorting (e.g. Puzzle A has red circles on the back of the pieces; Puzzle B has blue stars; etc.)

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