The Very Hungry Worry Monster Book & Buddy Boxed Set

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Item number: B&B-WoMonst2

The Very Hungry Worry Monster Book & Buddy Boxed Set

Have you heard of the worry monsters? They eat your worries and make them disappear! This supersoft plush toy has a zippable mouth, so children can write down their worries and feed it to the monster.

The ideal companion to our Worry Monsters story book, the plush toy is perfect for encouraging children to engage with and talk about their concerns.

Children will love this funny story and plush box set featuring the friendly worry monsters, designed to help children talk about their fears.

This set is great for children who are starting a new school or who lack confidence. This set can also help with children's anxiety & empathy exercises involving role play!

Order includes a funny story to help children talk about their worries with a monster plush toy, too!

Ages: 3-8 years

Educational Value: Research shows that exposing babies to books, print, & stories even before they exit the womb helps form bonds; facilitates speech & communication; & can help spark curious thought early on.

Enrichment Suggestion: Read along eith the Worry Monster story read aloud (Click Here)!