Hinkler Classic Tales - hardcover books

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Hinkler Classic Tales - hardcover books

Inspire a life-long love of literature and introduce new readers to the timeless tales that have shaped the generations before them with classic story books for children. These are revised classics for modern readers.

Readers young and old will be captivated by the trials, tribulations, hijinks and adventure in these classic tales.  

Each hardback book is bound with colored page edges and a stunning color illustration center section, making these books ideal gifts or keepsakes!

As a teacher, I absolutely love these versions of the classic tales. The print is nicely spaced & easy to read. Pictures, both black & white as well as colored, are provided throughout the book. The chapters help kids to feel accomplished as they read along. 

Choose from:

Wizard of Oz (Baum)

•Wind in the Willows (Grahame)

•Black Beauty (Sewell)

•Secret Garden (Hodgson Burnett)

•Alice in Wonderland (Carroll)

Little Women (Alcott)

•Three Muskateers (Dumas)

•20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Verne)

•Treasure Island (Stevenson)

•Call Of the Wild (London)

•Peter Pan (Barrie)

•Robin Hood (Pyle)

Ages 6-12 years