Peter the Pig with Pina Colada Squishmallows - Summer Squad - plush toy

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Item number: SM-447

Squishmallows™ Summer Squad:          Peter the Pig with Pina Colada

Summer is here & it's the perfect time to add to your Squishmallows collection with the super sweet Summer Squad (aka Picnic Squad) pals! to your stuffed animal collection. 

Collect them all: 
Weaver the Waffle
Perry the Shark with Surfboard
Regina the Corgi Dog with Pina Colada
Peter the Pig with Pina Colada
Bodie the Cow(yellow & cream)
Azi the Spotted Shark
Holly the Own with Gardening Hat
Susan the Peach Bellini

These super cute plush toys brings sunny summer vibes to your side. 

actual size: 7.5in (H)
ages: 3+

Each Squishmallows pal is new, bagged & with its original tag. It’s also super special to send a “Squish” to someone you love! Send a Squish; send a smile!

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