Daily Activities - June

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Monthly Theme for June

Recommended Reading for June

Reading together & incorporating literacy into your daily life & routines is important for bonding, developing language, expanding vocabulary & fostering empathy

Holidays in June


Although it is not an official, federal holiday, since 1916, Flag Day has been celebrated on June 14th every year.


Celebrated this year on June 16th; celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year in the USA


Celebrated on June 19th every year in the USA

Music & Dance

Fostering whole child development involves incorporating kinesthetics, rhythm, musical intelligence, & crea-tive expression through performing arts into daily lives

Arts & Crafts 

The visual arts are important for exploring creative expression as well as developing hand-eye coordination, dexterity, tenacity, & executive functioning skills

Downloadable Packets & Worksheets 

To access the printable activity/packet, click on the image for that packet.  These are downloadable PDF, WORD or PowerPoint files.  

For Kids in Preschool through Kindergarten:

For Kids in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade:

For Kids in 3rd through 8th Grade:

Career Exploration

It is never too early to start talking about your child's interests, strengths, curiosity, & options for the future

Culinary Creations

Cooking & baking together is great for family bonding while providing real life opportunities to explore math concepts such as fractions, measurements, & proportions; practice reading & writing recipes using specialized vocabulary & sequencing words; and developing gastronomical awareness 

S.T.E.A.M. Exploration

Explore key concepts from science, technology, engineering, art, & math using items from around the house. 

Family Movie Night Suggestion

Family Fun Night Suggestion 

PBS Alma's Way: Alma Goes to Puerto Rico

Do you know what part of the United States is in the Caribbean Sea?  Do you know where you can go to visit an actual rainforest in the USA? Do you know where in the USA you can find official documents in Spanish & English?

Answer: The island of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 

It's true! While not one of the 50 States, Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. It is in the Caribbean Sea, southeast of the Island of Hispaniola (where you can find Haiti & the Dominican Republic). The northern coast of the island touches the southern point of the Bermuda Triangle. The name Puerto Rico is Spanish in origin & translates as "rich port." Before the Spaniards arrived in 1493, the island was referred to by its Taino name, Boricua.

The inhabitants of Puerto Rico refer to themselves as Borinqueños. Most Puerto Ricans have mixed heritage rooted in African cultures brought over by ancestors enslaved to work the plantations; European cultures (mostly Spanish & some Italian) which was spread as Europeans immigrated to the islands following Christopher Columbus's landing on nearby Hispaniola; and the Taino culture of the native & indigenous people who have inhabited the island long before Europeans ever arrived.  

The people of Puerto Rico have a rich ethnic spirit! There are special customs, traditions, language use, vocabulary, clothing styles, foods, and way of life which make Puerto Rico a truly special place.  

As June is the national month of celebrating Caribbean American cultural heritage, it's the perfect time to explore Puerto Rico & Puerto Rican culture!  Here are some suggestions to explore Puerto Rico & it's rich culture!

Be sure to send Maestra Casiano some pictures! You might be featured on the site & win a gift certificate!

Social-Emotional Development

Social & emotional development, especially in early childhood, provides a critically important foundation for children in developing & learning throughout their lives.  
     Social development refers to the ability to initiate, create, foster, & sustain meaningful relationships with adults & peers.
     Emotional development refers to the ability to express, recognize, interpret, & manage one's emotions and the ability to respond appropriately to others' emotions.

Featured Items for June

Get outdoors & Get Wet!

After Memorial Day, summer unofficially begins in the USA! Check out these fun items to explore the great outdoors!