Squishmallows - Buddy Squad 7.5 in plush toy (various characters)

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Item number: SM-230

Squishmallows - Buddy Squad plush toy (7.5 in ea) - each is new, bagged & with original tag

You will feel relaxed & comforted by Squishmallows plush animals. Each one is super soft & velvety- not to mention - each stuffed animal is cute as can be!

Squishmallows™ can bring a smile to anyone’s face! These cuddly cuties make nap time & any time a great time to snuggle! Choose from adorable cats, turtles, dogs, rodents, fish, reptiles & more!

size: 7.5 in

material: 100% polyester

Product’s Educational Value:
Sometimes, it is hard to know how to play with stuffed animals beyond cuddling up with them but there is an important role stuffed animals can have in developing critical thinking skills, language skills & more! 

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