Squishmallows - Sealife Squad 7.5 in plush toy (various characters)

US$19.99 US$12.99
Item number: SM-127

Squishmallows Pals - Sealife Squad 7.5 in plush toys (each sold separately)

You will feel an ocean of love with sealife squishmallows plush animals. As you can 'sea,' this super soft stuffed animal 'shore' is cute!

Each sealife squishmallows™ pal is adorable! You can bring a smile to anyone’s face with these cuddly cuties. Squishmallows make nap time & any time a great time to snuggle! So... What are you way for? Send a Squish to someone you love!

size: 7.5 in
material: 100% polyester

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